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Looking to upgrade your retail space? Consider plastics!

Retail store design is constantly evolving. Do you dream of incorporating plastics products in your Point of Purchase display cases, FRP panels, or PVC display boards? Whatever you can imagine, we have your entire retail needs covered…with plastics! Here’s a sampling of the plastics materials you can use in your retail space: See-through plastics: Acrylic […]

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Baby It’s Clearly Cold Outside

ACRYLITE® FF from ACI Plastics offers crystal clear clarity while being far half the weight of glass. is also rigid and weather-resistant thermoplastic. ACRYLITE FF sheets are dimensional stable and resistant to breakage.  They can be easily sawed, machined, heat-formed and cemented. Because of its virtually distortion-free clarity, it is well suited for use in […]

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Brace for Impact

Check Out Our High Impact Polystyrene ACI HIPS high impact clear polystyrene plastic is a low cost, tough plastic material that is easy to thermoform and fabricate. It is often used for: Printed graphics Models and prototypes Point-of-purchase displays Shelves, kiosks and fixtures Banners and Indoor Signs  High impact polystyrene can be assembled with mechanical fasteners, solvents, or […]

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Product Spotlight: Foam Board

Consider this highly versatile material for your next indoor signage or point of purchase project. ACI rigid lightweight foam with core board insulation, is a light weight extruded polystyrene core lined on both sides with a white clay coated paper. Foam Board can be: Printed Laminated Die cut It has many uses including: Signs POP displays […]

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Now THIS is cool

We came across this awesome new project on Kickstarter. These hexagon shaped plastic tiles are called “Helios”. They are easily connected together using built-in magnets. You can connect them however you like to create cool patterns and displays. Not only are these lights cool to look at but they are also touch-activated. You can simply […]

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Featured Product: ABS

  ACI Plastics is proud to spotlight ABS. This incredible impact-resistant and inexpensive plastic is the perfect option for many projects because it’s easy to thermoform. ABS is a great option for retail store fixtures and POP displays, machine housings and much more thanks to its durability and resistance to impact and wear-and-tear. ABS also […]

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Attending the Retail Design Collective in NYC

We are looking forward to attending this year’s Retail Design Collective in New York City in December. We love seeing what’s hot on the market and the upcoming trends. And we love to meet industry leaders. We truly are inspired to be more creative when we attend this event. Everyone in the industry, from retailers, […]

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