Attending the Retail Design Collective in NYC


We are looking forward to attending this year’s Retail Design Collective in New York City in December. We love seeing what’s hot on the market and the upcoming trends. And we love to meet industry leaders. We truly are inspired to be more creative when we attend this event.

Everyone in the industry, from retailers, designers, visual merchandisers and manufacturers will be there. It’s truly a who’s who of the retail design world.

The event takes place at the beginning of December and it’s the perfect time of year to gather. So many suppliers within the retail industry will be on-hand to see the what’s what for the upcoming year. Those who have showrooms in New York will have an open door/open house and host events to showcase their products and designs. And for those of us who do not have showrooms in NYC, we will be exhibiting at the event.

Will you be attending this year? Let us know because we’d love to see you there.



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