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COVID-19: Protect Tax Preparers & Clients

You may be considering providing your tax team barrier options to for the upcoming season. These can protect your team and your customers. We offer desk-and table-top models in four basic sizes. They are made from polycarbonate to ensure they cannot get broken in transit and during assembly and disassembly. Polycarbonate has the further advantage […]

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COVID-19 Barrier Solutions

Whether you are single location or multi-location chain, you are likely actively considering incorporating barrier solutions that protect both employees and customers. Our barrier solutions include sneeze guards, counter barriers and desk dividers. We can also assist with pop-up shelters and room dividers. Acrylic, PETG and Polycarbonate are clear, lightweight and impact resistant material options. […]

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COVID-19 Protection Solutions

Protect employees and customers with product solutions including plastic sneeze guards, desk dividers, counter barriers and personal protection equipment (PPE).  Acrylic, PETG and polycarbonate are clear, lightweight and impact resistant options.   We can also assist with pop-up shelters and many other applications.  Opaque materials including fluted polypro and foam pvc can be used for temporary […]

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Baby It’s Clearly Cold Outside

ACRYLITE® FF from ACI Plastics offers crystal clear clarity while being far half the weight of glass. is also rigid and weather-resistant thermoplastic. ACRYLITE FF sheets are dimensional stable and resistant to breakage.  They can be easily sawed, machined, heat-formed and cemented. Because of its virtually distortion-free clarity, it is well suited for use in […]

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Feature Product: Plexiglass Acrylic

We are pleased to spotlight Plexiglass Acrylic this month. With many different uses, this is one of our favorite see-through products for various projects. Plexiglass acrylic starts off as a clear and transparent sheet. It is superior in quality to glass and works as a great substitute for windows, glazing, lighting fixtures, outdoor signage and […]

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Let the Light Shine in Durability

Light is important. Not only does it make us feel good, it also delivers safety by allowing us to see and allowing others to see us and our surroundings. When creating a breezeway or walkway area, allowing for a natural source of light while ensuring protection from the elements is an important consideration. Lexan clear […]

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Logos Love Acrylic

Logos are an essential part of business. Think about the Nike swoosh, the Starbucks mermaid or the Apple, um, apple. You know immediately what company these icons represent and you know those companies would never let their logo be less than perfect. Through CNC Routing we can recreate your logo or any design with perfect […]

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