Featured Product: ABS



ACI Plastics is proud to spotlight ABS. This incredible impact-resistant and inexpensive plastic is the perfect option for many projects because it’s easy to thermoform.

ABS is a great option for retail store fixtures and POP displays, machine housings and much more thanks to its durability and resistance to impact and wear-and-tear. ABS also has many outstanding qualities that make it the perfect option for many projects. Not only is ABS UV-resistant, but it is also scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant and fire-rated, and is available in different textures and colors.

Sheets come in 12 x 12” up to 48 x 96” and thickness can vary from 0.06” to 4” depending on your project needs. ABS is available in several colors, but in particular natural (or beige) and black ABS are FDA-compliant for use in food processing applications.

Depending on the option that is right for your project needs, there are several other benefits to using ABS.

  • High impact strength
  • High and low temperature performance
  • Formability and ductility
  • Fire-rated with UL certification
  • Light weight

Speak to someone at ACI today to find out which ABS product is best suited for your projects.

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