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What is plastics thermoforming?

Many plastics applications, especially sample or prototype parts, require thermoforming to form the plastic into unique shapes and sizes. Thermoforming is accomplished in 3 steps: a plastic sheet is carefully heated to a pliable, stretchable temperature, the heated plastic is placed in a mold, then the individual pieces are trimmed to size. Thermoforming Applications At […]

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A New Year for Innovations

At ACI Plastics we’re all about innovation! 2017 was an exciting year for plastics, and we’ve helped many clients create imaginative and innovative products using plastic materials like acrylics, PVC, and nylon. As many do at this time of year, we reflect on the previous year and also look ahead to the next. What new […]

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ACI Plastics Celebrates 50 Years

ACI Plastics Celebrates 50 Years!

This November, ACI Plastics is celebrating being in business for 50 years. Since 1967 we’ve been the go-to resource for plastics supply and fabrication. In our 50 first years we’ve developed a number of amazing long-term relationships and now have operations in Chicago, Des Moines, Dallas, Kansas City, Little Rock, St. Louis, and Tulsa employing […]

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PEEK into this!

What is PEEK? PEEK is a high performance engineering thermoplastic. This material is tough, strong, and rigid and has superior creep resistance. PEEK can resist radiation and a wide range of solvents. PEEK resins are available in unreinforced, 30% glass-fiber reinforced, 30% carbon-fiber reinforced, and HPV-reinforced grades. What makes this product unique? PEEK is extremely resistant to […]

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CNC Routing VS 3D Printing

Okay, we hate to break it to you but there is really no winner here. Your choice depends on the material you choose to deal with, the complexity of the piece your trying to create and the budget available. 3D printing machines have come a long way and they are able to create complex shapes […]

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Quality Team Bonding Time

Good things happen when the ACI Plastics team gets together. This is a look back at a little holiday get together we had back in December. We wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2016 and re-visit our goals for the year. We encourage everyone to do the same. 2017 is going to be […]

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Featured Product: ABS

  ACI Plastics is proud to spotlight ABS. This incredible impact-resistant and inexpensive plastic is the perfect option for many projects because it’s easy to thermoform. ABS is a great option for retail store fixtures and POP displays, machine housings and much more thanks to its durability and resistance to impact and wear-and-tear. ABS also […]

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Attending Shop! Market Week in December?

Retail therapy or back-to-school necessities, who doesn’t love to shop? Well, we sure do. And that’s why we are looking forward to attending the Shop! Market Week in New York City in December. This is the time where all the latest and greatest trends in showrooms and displays are revealed. The event is designed for […]

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