Looking to upgrade your retail space? Consider plastics!

retailRetail store design is constantly evolving. Do you dream of incorporating plastics products in your Point of Purchase display cases, FRP panels, or PVC display boards? Whatever you can imagine, we have your entire retail needs covered…with plastics!

Here’s a sampling of the plastics materials you can use in your retail space:

  • See-through plastics: Acrylic (PlexiglasTM), PETG, and Polycarbonate (LexanTM).
  • Printed graphics: Expanded PVC, Fluted Polypro, Foam Board, or Hi-Impact Styrene.
  • Building Materials: FRP Panels, HDPE Bathroom Partitions, Lighting Diffusion Products

Consider using plastics instead of glass in your retail installations (plastics are up to 20x stronger than glass). You can use clear or tinted/colored plastics and they can be molded or transformed into virtually any shape to accommodate your unique retail needs.

Whatever creative plans you have for your retail space, ACI Plastics makes it happen in Plastic! Get in touch with our talented team to help bring your manufacturing project to light!


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