Top 4 Things to Consider for Your Holiday Displays


With the holidays around the corner (already?), retailers are starting to plan for their holiday displays. It’s always important to plan ahead, especially if you’re looking to do something custom and something original.

To begin, think of the space you have already. What works and what doesn’t? Do you just want to add a little holiday colour to your displays, or would you prefer a whole new style? Here are a few things to think about when creating your displays:

  1. Sight. You want your displays to be beautiful. Obviously. You want them to be inviting to your customers. The visual cortex is the part of our brain that processes visual information, therefore, whether a customer is looking in (from the outside) or they’re already browsing inside your store, it’s important we are attracted to the items we see.
  2. Colours. Another important aspect is colours. Choosing your displays colours is very important. You don’t want to distract from the items displayed, yet you want to draw the customers into the visual story you are telling.

Custom plastic displays can be created to match almost any colour or pattern, including your brand identity

  1. Custom. Whether you’re displaying purses and perfumes or shoes and silverware, a custom display makes a world of difference. With the myriad of choices on the marketplace, make your items stand out from the crowd with bespoke plastic displays.
  2. Touch. Remember that displays need to be tactile. Your customers need to be able to access the items they are looking to purchase. Something out of reach is not likely to sell.

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