ACI Plastics Celebrates 50 Years

ACI Plastics Celebrates 50 Years!

This November, ACI Plastics is celebrating being in business for 50 years. Since 1967 we’ve been the go-to resource for plastics supply and fabrication. In our 50 first years we’ve developed a number of amazing long-term relationships and now have operations in Chicago, Des Moines, Dallas, Kansas City, Little Rock, St. Louis, and Tulsa employing […]

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5 Halloween Safety Tips from Plastics Make It Possible Light the Night While kids might fear ghosts and goblins, parents worry more about oncoming cars, uneven sidewalks, and other hazards. Experts recommend that children carry a flashlight (use fresh batteries!) to help them see and be seen. A lightweight durable plastic flashlight can illuminate your […]

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Baby It’s Clearly Cold Outside

ACRYLITE® FF from ACI Plastics offers crystal clear clarity while being far half the weight of glass. is also rigid and weather-resistant thermoplastic. ACRYLITE FF sheets are dimensional stable and resistant to breakage.  They can be easily sawed, machined, heat-formed and cemented. Because of its virtually distortion-free clarity, it is well suited for use in […]

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plastics material selection

Choosing the BEST material

Successful companies are continually seeking to evaluate each area of operation for effectiveness and efficiency. From technology, to operations, to personnel, success is built on continual improvement and adaptation. One of the many areas ACI Plastics is a critical partner in the success of our customers is by assisting to make improvements in material selection. […]

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PEEK into this!

What is PEEK? PEEK is a high performance engineering thermoplastic. This material is tough, strong, and rigid and has superior creep resistance. PEEK can resist radiation and a wide range of solvents. PEEK resins are available in unreinforced, 30% glass-fiber reinforced, 30% carbon-fiber reinforced, and HPV-reinforced grades. What makes this product unique? PEEK is extremely resistant to […]

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3D Print Your Own Clothes Online

The capabilities of 3D printing are endless but we bet clothing isn’t the first thing that came to mind when you first heard of 3D printing. Danit Peleg Tel Aviv, Israel-based fashion designer created her latest collection entirely with 3D printers. Peleg is making a 3D-printed garment available to purchase online for the first time ever. Danit Peleg is turning the world […]

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Is Plastic Patio Furniture Making a Comeback?

At some point we have all had those dainty plastic wicker chairs on our patio and throwing them out was the best decision ever… at the time. They were ugly! Well, a few designers have redesigned that same plastic furniture to look fabulous! Is this the new trend? We can’t resist good design, especially when […]

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3D Printing Never Looked So Tasty

Check out these funky and fun cake molds chef  Dinara Kasko created, making us proud. At ACI Plastics we can appreciate a good design when we see it. These cake molds were printed in a 3D printer and come in a variety of sizes. It’s amazing what the 3D printing is capable of, you can literally […]

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Brace for Impact

Check Out Our High Impact Polystyrene ACI HIPS high impact clear polystyrene plastic is a low cost, tough plastic material that is easy to thermoform and fabricate. It is often used for: Printed graphics Models and prototypes Point-of-purchase displays Shelves, kiosks and fixtures Banners and Indoor Signs  High impact polystyrene can be assembled with mechanical fasteners, solvents, or […]

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