Let the Light Shine in Durability

Light is important. Not only does it make us feel good, it also delivers safety by allowing us to see and allowing others to see us and our surroundings. When creating a breezeway or walkway area, allowing for a natural source of light while ensuring protection from the elements is an important consideration. Lexan clear polycarbonate is the ideal material to include in commercial outdoor applications.

Durability is the key here. This Lexan product can take everything Mother Nature can dish out from extreme heat to crazy hail storms. It stays in place while letting the natural light shine through – even on a cloudy day. lexan-roof-walkway-usaSpeaking of clouds, some of the Lexan clear polycarbonate also offers UV-resistance to increase the ability to manage the weather. Plus is also offers significantly better insulation (and obviously durability) over single pane glass.

If construction of an enclosed or semi-enclosed walkway or breezeway is in your future, consider Lexan to let in the light while enhancing safety.


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