Logos Love Acrylic

acrylic-letter-cnc-usa-signageLogos are an essential part of business. Think about the Nike swoosh, the Starbucks mermaid or the Apple, um, apple. You know immediately what company these icons represent and you know those companies would never let their logo be less than perfect. Through CNC Routing we can recreate your logo or any design with perfect dimensions and clean edges for uses like trophies, awards, displays or signage.

CNC Routing is computer-controlled cutting (computer numerical control) making it precise even in very hard materials. Plus, because of the sharpness and accuracy of the router bit, even the tiniest cuts can be made. While clear acrylics have unlimited applications, incorporating colored acrylics, textured sheet, or incorporating back-lighting can really make displays pop. Unique visual elements that you can achieve cost effectively with acrylic will grab the attention of your customers and make you the envy of your competition.

If you’d like to try something new but true to your branding, ask us if CNC routing is the right solution. The design possibilities are endless!


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