COVID-19 Barriers: Schools, Restaurants & Office

If you are visiting this page, you may be considering incorporating barrier solutions to protect students and faculty when the Fall Term starts or for customers at your restaurant or for staff at the office. We offer desk-top and table-top models pictured below in two basic sizes. We also offer a cubicle/booth extension that can be used in an office or add height to booths at a restaurant. The 4-Way Table divider can be used for round and square tables. It can also be modified to meet various office configurations.

Desk Top - Snap Together

Desk Top – Snap Together
For School or Office

Desk Top - Hinged Portable

Desk Top – Hinged Portable
Folds up flat!


4 Way Round Table Barrier

4 Way Round Table Barrier
4 Panels + 2 clips

Booth: Cubicle Extension Barrier

Booth/Cubicle Extension
Shown with 2” wide track
Additional mounting options available




Need a taller option? Have desks that tilt back? Tiered stadium seating? We can adapt our designs to your specific circumstances. Need to know more? To reach a Barrier Specialist, call 800.456.4595 or write






For Square or Round Tables - July2020




All prices are bulk shipped to one location. Freight is additional. Price and availability subject to change without notice.

No express nor implied warranty of merchantability, suitability or fitness for a particular use is offered. The buyer is responsible for ascertaining compliance with any and all local codes including fire codes.

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