COVID-19: Protect Tax Preparers & Clients

You may be considering providing your tax team barrier options to for the upcoming season. These can protect your team and your customers. We offer desk-and table-top models in four basic sizes. They are made from polycarbonate to ensure they cannot get broken in transit and during assembly and disassembly. Polycarbonate has the further advantage that it is more resistant to chemicals in cleaning solutions and has a good fire rating.


Pictured – 31.5 Tall x 47.5 Wide
Shown with “Pass-Thru” slot @ 6” T x 14” W



Need taller or wider? Want a hand hold? No Pass-thru?
We can adapt our designs to your specific circumstances. Need to know more? To reach a Barrier Specialist, call 800.456.4595 or write





All prices are bulk shipped to one location.   Freight is additional.  Price and availability subject to change without notice.

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