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st louis blues

Go Blues!

We’re bleeding blue at our St. Louis location! This is our year to bring home the cup! We’ve put up a 10′ x 32′ banner on the side of our building overlooking the highway to downtown St. Louis to show our support. You can’t miss it! Go Blues! .  

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Seeking a lightweight but tough plastic? Try Nylon!

When your next plastics project needs to be lightweight but durable enough to withstand sustained contact with a wide variety of chemicals and operating temperatures, consider Nylon. It’s one of the most widely used engineering thermoplastics! Nylon is the generic name for the family of synthetic fibers known as polyamides (PA) and is perfect for […]

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5 Halloween Safety Tips from Plastics Make It Possible Light the Night While kids might fear ghosts and goblins, parents worry more about oncoming cars, uneven sidewalks, and other hazards. Experts recommend that children carry a flashlight (use fresh batteries!) to help them see and be seen. A lightweight durable plastic flashlight can illuminate your […]

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Thermoplastics taking over automotive?

It’s no secret that plastics play a role in the Automotive industry. For decades, the involvement of plastic materials has become more and more common in the automotive industry, usually for one common goal: reducing weight in vehicles to increase fuel efficiency. But the role of plastics in automotive applications has evolved immensely over the […]

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Product Spotlight: ACI FRP

Clear Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Panels Fiberglass reinforced plastic products are made of fiberglass, which comes from a plastic or polymer matrix. Some of the materials used to make these types of products include phenolic, polyester, epoxy, polyimide, novolac, melamine, silicon and resin systems. Most formed fiberglass is laminated as well as given a protective coating in […]

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Why You Should Consider Prototyping

Prototyping is an investment worth making, here are a few reasons to consider this for your next project: Problem Identification The biggest benefit of prototyping is that this process allows you to recognize potential problems early on. It helps you recognize what’s working and not working and sets you up for improvements. It’s also a great […]

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Point of Purchase Displays Revisited

Now, this may come as a surprise but point of purchase displays (POP displays) are still wildly successful. They first became popular back in 1953. So that raises the question, how exactly have they survived decades of changes in advertising and marketing. Well aside from the tell-tale reasons such as being at eye level and […]

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Plastics, the Future of Automotive?

A seating supplier is taking things to another level by incorporating plastics into their designs. In the automotive industry fuel efficiency, has always been an important topic. What this company is doing is not only going to improve the weight of vehicles which will improve fuel efficiency but it’s also going to help make small […]

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