Trade Show Perfection


If there’s one place things need to be perfect, it’s in a trade show booth. This is the ultimate first impression and one that can be the foundation for a long-term relationship. Whether it’s a draw box, a brochure rack or something more complex, we are the experts to turn to with your ideas.

Consider all the elements you need for your trade show booth. Start with the footprint – the size of booth you’ve rented – then make a list of the elements you need. Signage is the big one that often gets forgotten, but is essential. At a show, having self-supported signage is always best. Arranging for show producers to hang signage for you can be a nightmare, so look to options you can manage yourself whether it’s a sign that hangs over the cross bars at the back of the booth, or something a bit more sophisticated like molded plastic or foam lettering.

What is your booth designed to do? Will you be selling there? Generating leads? Getting the brand name out? You’ll need different pieces to do different things. If sales happen at the show, you’ll want a table and chairs to complete orders, perhaps with some kind of mini-partition for privacy. If brand name recognition is what you’re after, signage and marketing materials should play a key role along with your sales staff.

Don’t forget product placement if you’re in the business of goods. You must have an eye-catching, professional way to show off what you offer.

Trade shows represent a big expense and one that can deliver big rewards if approached right. Contact our team to see how we can help.


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