Food Grade Cutting Surfaces

Cutting Surface

When it comes to preparing food in a commercial kitchen everything needs to be done right. From the food source to the preparation and the tools – including cutting surfaces – every tiny element must be food-grade and certified safe.

Outfitting a kitchen requires a plastics partner who can deliver custom sizes and colours in the right thicknesses and flexibilities. At ACI, we’re experts in the food industry having worked with restaurant kitchens to bakeries to provide the right tools for the environment. Whether it’s a range of sizes for individual, portable cutting boards, refitting an existing cutting surface or supplying a built-in surface, we have the materials and knowledge to get your kitchen up and running in minimal time.

Coloured cutting boards are ideal to identify different food preparation surfaces and eliminate the need for labeling or special storage spaces to get the message across of what surface is safe for meat, fish, raw or cooked or fruits and vegetables.

When outfitting your kitchen, make sure your plastic food contact surfaces are HDPE, which is not only NSF approved but also will not absorb bacteria, won’t dull blades and won’t break down even after hours of cutting.


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