Making Your P.O.P Pop!

It’s a fact of retailing in today’s marketplace: more and more purchasing decisions are happening in-store and at the shelf. The days when choices were made in front of the TV or while flipping through a magazine have declined as consumers choose to spend their free time elsewhere. Now, the war for that consumer’s spending money is won or lost at the store shelf and while it has always been important to make a good first impression, the war can’t be won with dog-eared signage or poor looking displays.

According to information posted at GSP Retail, POP signage delivers between a 2.6% and 45.5% lift in sales. Pre-made plastic display options can be an affordable and attractive part of any merchandising plan and help you achieve the sales lift POP delivers. Not only do professionally made acrylic sign holders make a better first impression, that impression may be what wins over the consumer.

Acrylic sign holders and P.O.P signage are available in limitless designs and configurations



Contact us to discuss your merchandising needs and find out how Acrylic P.O.P materials can create a great first impression while meeting the budget.


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