Championship Displays

One of the great things about thermoforming is that if it can be imagined, it can be created. If you want to appeal to baseball fans, hockey fans or tennis fans, a mold can be made for whatever ball, or piece of equipment you want to replicate to have it filled with product or put on display – even if it’s 5 times the size of the real thing. Perhaps a giant clear acrylic golf ball container or a baseball bat shaped coffee table would make a unique addition to your next campaign or store display?

Unique displays in shapes that resonate with your customer turn heads and add to your brand value. Plus, because food-grade plastic can be thermoformed, even food items that aren’t wrapped can go into your custom designed containers and displays.

Summer is a great time to think of ways to keep sports enthusiasts engaged in your product whether it’s food, clothing, gadgets, or something completely new. Hit a home run with a thermoformed display, contact us.


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