Point of Purchase Displays Revisited


Now, this may come as a surprise but point of purchase displays (POP displays) are still wildly successful. They first became popular back in 1953. So that raises the question,
how exactly have they survived decades of changes in advertising and marketing.

Well aside from the tell-tale reasons such as being at eye level and impulsive purchasing behavior, there is more to it. POP displays have a very short time period in which they have the opportunity to grab a consumers’ attention, businesses know this, that’s why they invest into the packaging and the pitch. Their mission is simple: attract the consumer, deliver the benefit. It’s so simple yet either a hit or miss for many. It’s amazing what a little creativity and fun can result in. In todays’ world, where the ability to share something worth sharing is literally at the fingertips of your consumer, you should dare to be different.

Next time your shopping, we encourage you to make yourself aware of these POP displays. Which ones did you like, which ones did you hate? Why? Is it time to re-strategize your POP display. Or have you been missing out on this opportunity? Talk to our team to see how you can better represent your business at the point of purchase, together we can come up with a creative and professional solution and that will help you excel.



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