5 Halloween Safety Tips from Plastics Make It Possible

Light the Night

While kids might fear ghosts and goblins, parents worry more about oncoming cars, uneven sidewalks, and other hazards. Experts recommend that children carry a flashlight (use fresh batteries!) to help them see and be seen. A lightweight durable plastic flashlight can illuminate your child’s path and resist shattering if dropped in a moment of Halloween fright.

Fire Safety

Jack-o’-lantern-lined walkways and porches can pose a fire risk, so look for Halloween costumes, wigs, and accessories made with flame-resistant materials (typically made with plastic fabrics/materials; check the manufacturer’s label). In your home, little battery-operated plastic candles can add some flickering light for an eerie mood…without flames.

Glow in the Dark

While trick-or-treating in the dark can be spooky and fun, you want to make sure drivers can see your kids. Adding reflective or glow-in-the-dark plastic tape to costumes and trick-or-treat bags can make your kids more visible. Or add a glow stick or little flashing decorations.

Careful Contact

For young children who are still learning their home address and family phone numbers, simply jot down name/address/contact info, place it in a small plastic zipper bag, and slide it into a pocket. It’s easy to find in an emergency, won’t dissolve if wet, and doesn’t broadcast information to strangers.

Candy Care

Once the trick-or-treating is done, remember to check all goodies before your kids munch away. Most candy is wrapped in plastic packaging to provide protection; treat any unwrapped treats with great suspicion.

A little preparation, a little caution, and some inexpensive, readily available plastic products can contribute to Halloween safety…and help parents achieve a bit more peace of mind.


Also, don’t forget to recycle the plastic bags and wraps from Halloween festivities, such as plastic wraps around bulk snacks/candy (but not snack/candy wrappers) and the plastic grocery bags that carried your treats home. Just take them back to participating grocery/retail stores. To find out what plastic bags/wraps to recycle visit:



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