Laser cutting vs. waterjet cutting plastics

laser-cuttingIn plastics manufacturing, you have the option of laser or waterjet cutting to cut your materials. Most often, laser cutting will be your best option as it allow for the most precise and consistent cutting.

Laser cutting allows you to cut more precise shapes and holes without the need for tooling. Also, because the laser beam doesn’t wear over time, cutting consistency doesn’t change — your first cut is as precise as your last.

Benefits of laser cutting in plastics:

  • extremely precise
  • cost effective
  • suitable for any material
  • faster or comparable speed to other cutting methods

Sometimes, waterjet cutting will be your preferred method for your plastics project. This method uses pressurized water, sometimes with added abrasives like garnets and aluminum oxide, to cut your plastics. This method more closely mimics natural erosion so it is less accurate than precision laser cutting. Thicker plastics are usually good candidates for this method.

Learn more about laser cutting for plastics or contact ACI Plastics to discuss which method is right for your plastics manufacturing project.


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