Product Highlight: PETG See-thrus

In its natural state, Polyethylene terephthalate (also known as PET, PETE, and PETG) is a colorless, semi-crystalline resin. After processing, it becomes semi-rigid to rigid and becomes a very light weight material ideal for FDA compliant food and beverage containers and thermoforming applications. It’s has higher impact strength than acrylic and is more cost effective when compared to polycarbonate.

Because it’s tough, we can use a thinner gauge sheet to lower material cost. PETG can also be vacuum-formed at lower temperatures than other plastics without pre-drying, which cuts down production time.

After the plastic has been cut or formed, it can be colored, and accepts screen-printing, painting, and hot-stamping to further customize your project. It’s applications are almost limitless and include food and beverage containers, signage, point of purchase materials, prototypes, and orthotic/prosthetic devices to name a few.

When you’re looking for a strong, cost effective plastic, ask the team at ACI Plastics if PETG is right for you.

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