The Edge Series
The Edge Series of Awards have an elegant design to display the award of your choice. The faceted sides and vertical edge make for an eye catching design. FIND OUT MORE >>
The Column Series
The Columns Series of Awards is similar to the Edge Series. Available in pinnacle, obelisk, or long-faced obelisk designs, these faceted awards look great and stand out from the rest.  FIND OUT MORE >>
The Diamond Collection
The Diamond Collection of Awards are available as a rectangle, octagon, or beveled back designs. The beveled edges and wide design make for an elegant and sturdy award. FIND OUT MORE >>
The Grand Classics Series
The Grand Classics Series of Awards are our classic and most popular designed awards. Available is flame, octagon, ice peak and disk designs. FIND OUT MORE >>
The Skyline Series
This prominent award features a city skyline to identify with your recipient. This is truly unique and adds a special touch to any award recipient. FIND OUT MORE >>
The Star Line Series
What better way to honor the star performer than with the Star Line Series. This award is available in a plaque or free standing. Please click for details on sizes and availability. FIND OUT MORE >>
The State Line Series
To personalize the award by geographic location ACI offers the State Line Series. This award is available in multiple acrylic thicknesses and clear as well as jade, blue and red.


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