3D Printing Never Looked So Tasty

Check out these funky and fun cake molds chef  Dinara Kasko created, making us proud. At ACI Plastics we can appreciate a good design when we see it. These cake molds were printed in a 3D printer and come in a variety of sizes. It’s amazing what the 3D printing is capable of, you can literally bring your imagination to life and that’s exactly what Dana Kasko did and you can too. Check out our 3D printing capabilities and make your own ideas come to life, today! The molds are made of food-grade silicone and they sell with collapsible plastic frames to preserve accuracy of the geometry shape. Check out Chef  Dinara Kasko website to see here creations. You can ever purchase one for yourself! Way to go chef!


Taste-dinara-kasko-desserts-5 Taste-dinara-kasko-desserts-4 Taste-dinara-kasko-desserts-3 Taste-dinara-kasko-desserts-2a Taste-dinara-kasko-desserts-2 Taste-dinara-kasko-desserts-1a

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