3D Print Your Own Clothes Online

jacket1The capabilities of 3D printing are endless but we bet clothing isn’t the first thing that came to mind when you first heard of 3D printing.

Danit Peleg Tel Aviv, Israel-based fashion designer created her latest collection entirely with 3D printers. Peleg is making a 3D-printed garment available to purchase online for the first time ever.

Danit Peleg is turning the world of fashion upside down on its head. She is making 3D-printed fashion available and a reality. She has spoken on the topic in-depth and is clearly very passionate, check out this trend setters Ted Talk

Danit is currently offering a bomber jacket. She chose this product because of its’ versatility and diversity. The production process  produces zero waste and no extra fabric. Each jacket take approximately 100 hours to make and can also be personalized, and the exterior is entirely printed while the lining is fabric. And though 100 hours may sound like a long time, technology has advanced such that it’s actually three times faster than her first collection took to print.

As 3D printing technology continues to advance, this process will only become faster, easier and less expensive. For now, if you’ve got $1,500 to spare, shop and customize your own jacket on Peleg’s new website, here.


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