Product Highlight: PETG See-thrus

In its natural state, Polyethylene terephthalate (also known as PET, PETE, and PETG) is a colorless, semi-crystalline resin. After processing, it becomes semi-rigid to rigid and becomes a very light weight material ideal for FDA compliant food and beverage containers and thermoforming applications. It’s has higher impact strength than acrylic and is more cost effective […]

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Plastics for the food and beverage industry

The food and beverage industry has very specific standards that plastics must adhere to. Thankfully there we have plastic materials that meet FDA regulations and are manufactured to withstand demanding environments and chemical wash-downs: UHMW Plastics Also known as high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a tough, wear resistant plastic with a low coefficient of […]

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Should the Winter Olympics replace ice with plastics to even the playing field?

The 2018 Winter Olympics may be over but people are talking about ways to help even the playing field to eliminate bias towards colder countries. Many winter Olympic sports are played on ice, and this seemingly gives an unfair advantage to countries where cold temperatures are common. Could ice surfaces, bobsled, and skeleton tracks be […]

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What is plastics thermoforming?

Many plastics applications, especially sample or prototype parts, require thermoforming to form the plastic into unique shapes and sizes. Thermoforming is accomplished in 3 steps: a plastic sheet is carefully heated to a pliable, stretchable temperature, the heated plastic is placed in a mold, then the individual pieces are trimmed to size. Thermoforming Applications At […]

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Looking to upgrade your retail space? Consider plastics!

Retail store design is constantly evolving. Do you dream of incorporating plastics products in your Point of Purchase display cases, FRP panels, or PVC display boards? Whatever you can imagine, we have your entire retail needs covered…with plastics! Here’s a sampling of the plastics materials you can use in your retail space: See-through plastics: Acrylic […]

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Join us at Global Shop 2018 in Chicago

ACI Plastics is heading to Chicago March 27-29 for Global Shop 2018, the nation’s largest retail design industry trade show. The show will be at McCormick Place Convention Center, Hall F. The show features face-to-face networking opportunities with retail industry professionals (like us), pavilions aimed at different buying needs, inspiration and ideas to optimize store […]

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A New Year for Innovations

At ACI Plastics we’re all about innovation! 2017 was an exciting year for plastics, and we’ve helped many clients create imaginative and innovative products using plastic materials like acrylics, PVC, and nylon. As many do at this time of year, we reflect on the previous year and also look ahead to the next. What new […]

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